The Alfred Meissner Graduated School of Dental Engineering and the Humanities

Founded in 1999


The school was founded in 1999 as The Alfred Meissner School of Dental Engineering. It is a private school of higher education. Its major field of research and study is dental engineering. Our school has been a precursor in this field. It was the first such school in Poland, that offered the opportunity to all those working in the field of prosthodontics an access to a higher education. Even now, it is the only school in Ustroń which offers the possibility to do a degree in dental engineering.

 On the first of October 2000, the first students began courses with a major in dental engineering. Since its foundation the school’s authorities strive to achieve excellence in both research and teaching, as well as to constantly improve the educational offer. The opening of majors in dental hygiene, nature and landscape conservation, and hotel and tourism industry and gastronomy is an outcome of these endeavours. In connection with the widening of the educational offer, from March 2010 onwards, the school’s name has become The Alfred Meissner Graduated  School of Dental Engineering and the Humanities.